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Doggy Dive

This evening was our neighborhood’s annual Doggy Dive at the pool. Even though Benny is the one who hates water, we brought him with us. (China would have been Mrs. Crankypants.)

Benny hadn’t even seen the pool – just smelled it – and had already put on the breaks. Inside the pool area we let him off leash and he alternated meeting new dogs (many of whom tried to hump him) and cowering away from the pool. I got him to wade in for a few seconds, but he kept leaping out.

After a while, we tried the “help”-him-into-the-pool method that other people were trying with great success. Yeah, it didn’t really work for us. As you can see, he swam to the nearest wall (which, unfortunately didn’t have the bench along it that the other dogs were using to get out) and tried to get out. We kept calling to him to come over to where that step was, but he was in freak-out mode, and I sent Danny over to help him. Poor Boo bloodied his back nails on the pool wall. They were down to the quicks to begin with – he shuffles his back feet when he walks.

We called it a day after that. I got him home, used styptic on his nails, and washed the chlorine off of him. I hope that he at least had fun meeting all the other dogs and chasing them around the pool. I know I had fun. They should always let doggies in the pool. Except that someone dropped a deuce by one of the tables.

Doggy DiveDoggy Dive
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