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So, it looks like I am on my own this weekend – Danny will be going out of town for a last-minute football game before I’m even home from work, or something. I’m not sure what I will do yet. Some freelance work, hair-braiding… maybe paint. Naked somersaults through the house? Who knows.

Today I am trying to balance working on my graphic design assignments back in my office and helping out in the daycare. Benny is being really whiny. He wants my fruit salad.

This morning we had breakfast at Starbucks, as usual. We sat near the drive-through, instead of by the front door like usual. Benny and I always draw the attention of dog lovers with stories of the golden retrievers they have/had at home. He is slowly getting better at not jumping on people, but it is a struggle with an 8-month-old puppy. After breakfast, we stopped at the gas station. I had just finished pumping my gas when a minivan stopped and a “soccer dad” stuck his head out the window to say, “We just LOVE your hair!!”. To which I gave my standard, “Oh, thank you!” (which I genuinely mean, even though I say it the same every time. I’m just not good at accepting compliments.) I made for my car but the dad kept talking, “Who did it?” I told him I did, and he asked if I was a hairdresser. At my “No,” he then asked, “How do you DO that??” Not exactly a fast question to answer. And really, does a middle-aged man in a minivan really want the details of how I add in the extension hair and braid x 100? I ended up giving the lame, but fast answer of, “With a lot of time and patience…” The comments I get from strangers about my hair are weird and normal to me at the same time after all these years. In Target last weekend, a manager complimented my hair, then introduced herself before asking to “feel my hair”. Heh.

I’d rather be napping.

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