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Stella’s Birthday Party

Birthday Cake for Stella, originally uploaded by punquin.

I have no party planned, but Stella got one today! Stella is an Australian Shepherd at the doggy daycare I work at. She is the sister of my “boyfriend”, Charlie. All three siblings have their birthdays in the summer, so this is the third one I’ve done in the last couple months. I am going to print out collages from each party (need printer ink!) and their mommy is going to frame them side-by-side.

I am getting good at the doggy birthday cakes. I baked one forStella Sunday afternoon. It is peanut butter and banana flavor, with peanut butter cream cheese frosting. I used this frosting syringe that worked really well. I baked it in my heart-shaped pans from Target. (Apparently, they carry bone-shaped pans that I am dying to get! I will have to order them, because I can’t fid them in the store.) I used some disposable star tins to use up the extra batter. My puppies are happy about that!

Baking Dog CakesDoggy CakeBirthday Cake for Stella

Today I brought Stella and her brothers back to the office for a party. It was the first birthday party Benny has been to. He was a little rude – barking whenever he was out of cake. Everyone loved the cake, and Stella even wore her party hat the whole time.

Happy Birthday, Stella!Cake Time!We Like Birthdays!
Mine!Jackson, Stella & CharlieChomp!

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