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Hi There, Mystery Dog!

Hi There, Mystery Dog!, originally uploaded by punquin.

Today, while Danny and his friend left me to go biking, Benny and I walked on the W & OD trail for a bit. It was HOT, but I brought water for us. As we were walking along the horse trail, a chocolate lab comes moseying out of the trees that separate the trail from some houses. Uh, hi, puppy. He looked to be about 7+ years old, neutered, no name tag (but a collar and rabies tag) and friendly. After some sniffing, he took a dump in the weeds and came back over to us. I asked him where his home was, but instead of answering, he wrapped one paw around Benny’s waist and tried to ride him! Uh, no, puppy. There is no humping. I dismounted him and told him to go home. He turned and headed back through the trees to his house. Interesting…

Yesterday we spent the day refinishing the porch and porch swing. Danny had pressure-washed it this week while I was working, and yesterday he sanded. We were working most of the day out there, but it looks great.

Stained PorchSanding the PorchNew Fenced-In Yard

I got a birthday card in the mail from Danny’s grandparents with a birthday check in it! The card even was one mean for granddaughters. They are so awesome. They like to introduce me as their granddaughter and Danny as just my husband, heh. That is probably the only present I’ll receive besides money from my dad (and if Danny gets me something). My relatives stop the give giving when you are a teenager. Here is a shameless wishlist plug. Why not? :b

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