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I should be in bed – I work tomorrow. I am running the pm daycare shift.


Today was nice… We went to a friend’s barbecue in Maryland in the afternoon. I was the official water balloon tie-r. Afterwards, we watched a movie on the tivo. We paused it near the end when we heard fireworks outside. We took the dogs out around the neighborhood watching everyone set off the fireworks they had bought. We could also see some “real” fireworks in the distance.

I can’t believe it is freaking July already! My birthday is less than 10 days away! Sorry, no new PO box yet (though, Cyka, I owe you our new home address). I hadn’t really gotten presents in recent years on my birthday, so I was surprised to get some emails this week askingfor an address. There is always my wishlist for now, but that is presents, not cards.

Speaking of presents, thank you to whoever sent me my first signs for our future game room! I got a “Golden Retriever” street sign and a Led Zepplin sign (there was a weird mix up with the latter, though. long story… but I got it eventually). I have no idea who sent them to me, but thank you!! I am motivated now to go get the blue paint for the walls in there and start putting up the art, though who knows when we can get a pool table.

I also just received a book on crewel embroidery that I have been wanting. Thank you!! I saved the packing slip so I could say a personal thank you, but now it seems it is gone. Most likely I accidentally threw it out. Argh. But, thank you! It was a great early birthday gift!

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