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Morning on the Farm

This morning, Jax and I went out to a farm/park in Herndon to meet up with some other moms from a meetup group. Our friends C &  baby L from yoga arrived at the same time as we did. Since we didn’t see anyone else yet, we strolled around the farm checking out all the animals. We saw lots of baby pigs. Super cute but so very stinky. Lots of stinky pig doodoo stank. It was nice out – a break from the rain we’ve had off and on. I wore cute polka dot rain boots because I have weird issues about stepping in mud.

The other moms showing up later and trickled in. They were all very nice and I wish we had more time to hang out, but both C and I have to head home to work at 11 when we do things in the mornings. I’ve got to have time to get work hours in! Plus, right when everyone was done seeing the animals are finally ready for our nature walk, Jax was ready to nurse and nap. I nursed him in his sling once I got away from noisy groups of elementary school kids and he fell asleep. It was nearly 11, so we checked out the little farmers’ market then headed home.

It was nice to get out of the house and see some nature!

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