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I hate my hair. I always have. But you work with what you have. I’ve enjoyed keeping my hair in braids and/or loose extensions for years. It has let me add length, thickness, color and fun for really cheap (because I do it myself).

After baby arrived, I had massive postpartum shedding. We’re talking handfuls of hair every time I washed it. My hair couldn’t hold the extensions in because it was falling out so fast. I took them out and got my first haircut in 18 years. I figured since I couldn’t hide my hair behind fake stuff, I’d need to at least take off the dead ends and make it shorter so there was less to shed. The shedding finally stopped right around when Jax’s hair stopped falling out.

Now I have inch-long hairs that stick up everywhere when I try to pull my hair back. It’s getting a little mullet-tacular. I still can’t do braids, because those little pieces are too short. And I’d want Jax to be sleeping through the night before I go back to a hairstyle that takes between 4 – 15 hours to put in. So I’ve been putting it back in a clip and avoiding mirrors.

Feeling ugly is no good. So This summer I decided I’d go red in the fall. I used to love going red every few years, but I couldn’t with my hair in braids (I’d end up polka-dotted!) I’ve had my hair light blond for a long time to best match the extension hair. My natural hair has dark blond roots, medium blond length and light blond ends/sun-bleached bits. It didn’t want to go straight from that super light color to red, so I used a semi-permanent dye to go back to my natural medium blond.

I’m ready for my red now, so all that is left is to pick out the dye brand/color and some maintenance shampoos. Those of you who are not-so-natural redheads, or have been in the past, what are your favorites? They don’t make the red dyes I used to use in the late 90′s/early 00′s…

I’m told it’s frivolous to dye my hair, but you have to feel good about yourself, right? This is what I can do while I’m stuck with lame hair. And my hair grows *so* slow.

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