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Week Go Zoom!

This week is zooming by because we are so busy!

This morning Jax and I took a walk with C & L on the trail. 2 miles round trip. We tested out the Beco Gemini soft-structured baby carrier. (I’ll review it after our beach trip.) Jax fell right to sleep on my back. Little L slept too. The weather was perfect for an autumn walk.

Driving home from the trail, we stopped at the library to drop off some books and pick out some to take on our road trip. We chose:

Because it’s Jax’s first fall, he’s going to the beach and he’s badass! Jax likes sitting in the libray playing with his toys and people-watching while I browse. But the baby sing-along let out while we were there so we had to choose quick and run away from the sea of toddlers with runny noses!

So, this weekend we are driving to the Outer Banks to rest up and de-stress or 3 nights. Hopefully, it will be an easier drive than when Jax was 3 months old! I need to get the house clean for our wonderful house-sitter, Ivan, and pack for baby and me. Tomorrow we have mommy/baby yoga, work, then a hair cut for me. No time!!

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