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OBX or Bust!

We made it to the beach!!

Baby was awesome in the car. He only cried a bit when he was hungry or tired. Once he got food and sleep he was good. I brought a bottle of pumped milk for him nd pumped at the rest stop halfway for the rest of the trip.

We had to waste a little time before we could check in, so we walked on the beach and had a snack at the Rundown Cafe. Dan had booked our room as “selected at check-in” for the best rate, and we got really lucky with a top-floor oceanfront king room! Really pretty view from our balcony!

Since baby had a long day in the car, we put him in his pjs and went down to the hotel restaurant for dinner. The waiter brought Jax a little plate of mac & cheese, which was sweet. He enjoyed eating a few noodles.

Nighttime went well. Baby didn’t want to sleep till 9:30 pm. He woke up a few times in the night to nurse and was up for good at 5 am.

For breakfast we went to Sam & Omie’s. We’ve just been relaxing and playing since then. The weather is beautiful!

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