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I started this afternoon intending only to clean the living room, but we got to talking about how much we hated the layout. Next thing I know, we are moving furniture. We had limited options, with a slider on one wall, railing and gate on the next and gate on a third. I wanted to try a diagonal layout, though Dan thought it would be weird. He let me try, maybe because it put his chair in a better spot for the tv. After lots and lots of sweeping and vacuuming (including all the upholstery) I got things set up. I still need to mop.

Wee need to “test drive” this arrangement for a little while, but I’m liking it. The baby has so much more space to cruise and practice walking. His pack and play is out of the way when not in use. We are trying to keep the dogs off the rug from now on. The disadvantages are: I can’t reach the ottoman (I don’t mind) and Dan will have to move it before he can set up his Rock Band drums.

We’ll see how it goes, but Jax and I are enjoying it so far.

I never get to post between work, baby and chores, but I am going to try. I’m writing this from my phone while nursing Jax in bed. Speaking of, what is it with 11-month-olds that they have to do gymnastics while they nurse? Hah.

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