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This won’t interest you.

This won’t interest you, but I need to make my to do list and I feel more accountable doing it here. I think spring cleaning fever has hit me early! Unfortunately, I can only pick away at my list slowly, often with a baby strapped to me. This list will help me not forget things.

Doesn't really go with this post, but it's cute!

Before Jax’s Party (Night Before)

  • Bake cupcakes. Frost.
  • Clean kitchen and put dishes away.
  • Finish setting up dining room.
  • Vacuum living room rug and couch.
  • Refill baby wipes downstairs.
  • Inflate hockey sticks. (Meh.)

Before Jax’s Party (Morning of)

  • Set up food area during breakfast.
  • Streamers. Balloons.
  • Pop popcorn. Chop fruit/veggies. Prep chips/crackers/etc…
  • Move chairs. Take down gate between kitchen and dining room.
  • Re-vacuum foyer and playroom. Clean up playroom toys.
  • Let dogs out then put them upstairs.
  • Set up food. Add cupcake decorations.

Before Jax’s Party (Misc…)

  • Take down Christmas tree and outside lights. Pack up. Put everything back in holiday closet.
  • Clean and rearrange living room. Mop the floor to get sticky rug no-slip stuff off.
  • Visit Laura and give her Christmas gift.
  • Clear off kitchen computer cart so it is less of a baby death trap.
  • Break down mountain of boxes and packing materials. Take to recycle center.
  • Thorough cleaning of powder room off kitchen. Move baby’s potty chair and supplies there for quicker access. (He only poops in his downstairs pack & play now.)
  • Clean hall closet and move less-used costs to make space for guests’ coats.
  • Clean dining room table. Move craft supplies out for Jax’s party.
  • Sorting old mail in basket.
  • Buy balloons and tank. Order favors. Make favor bags.
  • Buy Jax’s present. Get wrapping paper. Wrap gifts from M & S too. Buy L’s present.
  • Buy food. Make fondant cupcake toppers the week before.

More stuff:

  • Thorough cleaning of master bath.
  • Bathe dogs. (PU!!!)
  • Vacuum stairs (hate!)
  • Clean and organize kitchen cabinets.
  • Clean out pantry and fridge.
  • Clean cabinets above washer/dryer.
  • Clean closet and dressers.
  • Go through Jax’s old clothes to save favorites for a memory quilt. Box the rest for spring yard sale.
  • Set up guest bath for baby bath time now that roommate is gone. (Need bath safety/organization items.)
  • Clean guest room now that roommate is gone.
  • Go through spare room and set items aside for yard sale in spring. Especially old baby items.
  • Clean linen closet. Set side yard sale items.
  • Clean downstairs office.
  • Clean downstairs workshop/storage. Clean old rabbit hutch for spring yard sale.

Regular Chores: (also before party)

  • Laundry 3x week or as needed.
  • Dishes and kitchen as needed.
  • Vacuum/sweep main floor weekly.
  • Mop kitchen weekly.
  • Vacuum upstairs weekly.
  • Clean bathrooms biweekly.
  • Wash sheets biweekly (Weekly? Need 2nd set then.)

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