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Our Picture People Visit

…It didn’t go well. But at least he is cute!

Part of the problem was that Jax’s mouth decided right at that moment to teethe like mad. Poor baby was drooling and distraught. And then there were the crazy prices…

We liked our photographer. He was a trooper with Mr Crankypants. Jax looked adorable, but miserable. He brought out a super cool train that went with Jaxs overalls, but baby just wanted mama. The best photos were when the photographer had me lay on my back and Jax sat on my stomach so he could be touching me but I wasn’t in the way. There was one of Jax taking a step, but he was mid-cry. This is the picture that was the least sad… No tears in his eyes or drool pouring out of his mouth. I took some of the red out of his eyes int his online version.

There are no sitting fees, but they make up for it in their packages and add-on fees. Luckily we were able to stick to just using our $18 coupon. It was a good deal: a 10×13, 8×10, some 5x7s, 4x6s and 2 sheets of wallets. Of course they had to be all of the same photo, so we’ll be giving out a lot of pictures!

We weren’t huge fans of the lady who helped up choose our prints. She seemed annoyed to be there. I wanted one of the pictures to be black and white, but she said I’d have to make the whole package b&w, plus pay $5 per sheet to do so ($30). Uh, no. So the photo will not be going in our all black & white living room.

When I asked about retouching, she offered us a high-res cd for the oh-so-low price of $150. *choke*.

So I will be trying to stage my own 12 month photoshoot at home. :/

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