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Jax is officially a toddler!

This post was written in bed nursing the baby last night. I always want to post, but I’m working and watching the baby during the day, then more baby duty in the evening. He’s not a fan of me getting on my computer after a day of working. (All you cooler-than-me people with iPads, I will gladly keep your old one from collecting dust when you rush out to upgrade to the 2. Imagine all I could get done when nursing baby at night with one!)

Anyway, back to the real reason for posting. Jax is walking! He’s been taking a couple steps here and there for over a month, but mostly just cruising on the furniture.

He was getting really close at the end of February, but just want ready to commit. On our Monday breakfast date, he got really excited to see a little kid, and he made me help him walk over. We’d been avoiding the library baby story time because it kept getting us sick, but I took him that day so he could socialize. He was really into all the mobile kids and wanted to stand the whole time.

The next day, March 1st, he was playing while I worked and something caught my attention in my peripheral vision. Jax was walking across the room! Not holding anything!

It took a while to get any video evidence of his new skill. Luckily, Danny got to witness it that evening. My YouTube feed has posted all the videos here.

I’m so proud of my little toddler! He is so much better after just a week! There have been falls (and there will be more), but he its getting braver every day.

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