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The other side of me…

As most of you know, the recreation of Stvlive has been a slow and ongoing project since we welcomed little Jax into our lives. The site is always in my thoughts, and as soon as someone invents a brain-to-blog wordpress plugin, I’ll be writing all the time!

I’ve run into a lot of tough decisions while figuring out how to remake the site. Just like in life, it can be tough to balance life as a mommy with life as a woman online. I finally decided to separate the two somewhat and create a blog dedicated to my life with Jax. Now that I have my aunt’s old iPad, I have no excuse not to write blog entries while nursing the little one in bed.

Now I can go forward with Stvlive as my personal site, as it always has been. I’ll be posting journal entries, self-portraits, brain dumps… All that good over-sharing stuff that no one cares about anymore now that we are all so accessible. :P I will also be posting snippets from my blog with Jax occasionally, and I hope you all will visit us there and new a comment or two!

If you have any suggestions for Stvlive, please let me know. It has been an amazing journey – having run this site since 1998 – and I’m ready to keep it going!

Without further ado, please check out Imagine Our Life! You can subscribe to receive it’s updates either via RSS or email. I also started a Facebook page for it. Please join if you’d like to connect with me on there.


Originally published in my journal, Stvlive :: Stephanie's Thoughts. Leave me a comment!

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