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Our Morning Adventures

Jax is currently napping off our morning adventures… His daddy worked the overnight shift and Jax had trouble sleeping. That lead to him being crazy and loud right when my husband was going to sleep in the morning, so I got him out of the house.

I drove out to one of Jax’s favorite playgrounds that has an airplane theme. After playing for a while, we sat in the breeze and shared a mango smoothie. We walked hand-in-hand to the pet store for crickets and he pulled my hand to his mouth and gave me a loud kiss: “Mwah!!” So sweet.

On our way home, I saw a large Collie running across the road. I pulled over into a turn lane by the median, but he had already crossed the other side of the road. I was able to U-turn and park in another turn lane near where he was sniffing. I popped the back of my SUV and crouched down to call him. He was super sweet and came running to me. I helped him into the car, then got in the backseat to call the number on his tags. Turns out he wasn’t too far from home – well, his new home. His address was listed as Omaha (we are in Virginia!), but his new address was only a couple minutes’ drive away. His mom had her son meet me outside so I could deliver him safe and sound. I was happy to help a dog in need! I can’t let a dog run around in the street without stopping to help.

Jax had his first encounter with a playground bully today. Read about it here.

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