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this past week

stephanie is: hungry hungry...

So, my week of loneliness is over. Danny was away all last week at Linux World in Boston. I would have been fine (but still missed him, of course) had I not been stuck working from home all week, thus deprived of human contact. Hopefully we should be allowed to move our furniture and whatnot into our new offices tomorrow afternoon.

While Danny was away, my friend Laura (a former coworker who is super fun and an animal-lover like me) came over for a visit after work. She works at a pet store, so she saved me a trip by bringing some things I was out of. When we were visiting my bunny, Mini, she (mini) tore a nail off. Oops! It was my fault because they were badly in need of a trim, but it is a two person job. So I held Mini and a towel and rubbed her nose while Laura clipped her nails. Thanks, Laura! Mini was mad at me at first and hid in her hutch, but she came out and snuggled with me later than night. India got a present from Laura - a super loud rubber squeaky devil. She LOVES it. She was running around squeaking it as loud as she could. She still carries it around a week later, but she squeaks it at a more bearable level. We went out for a late dinner around 9 pm to a Mexican place. I had a tasty taco salad sans meat. Afterwards we played with the puppies some more (who were VERY happy to have another human around for a while) and we traded stickers like dorky 10-year-olds. I had fun! Hopefully we can get together again this sometime week.

On Friday Danny took the train home from Boston. I was too scared to drive into DC (for the first time) by myself (and in the dark) so we decided I'd try to pick him up at Pentagon City. I programmed it into the navigation system in my car and left a good 2 hours before he expected to get in. Unfortunatly, my worst fears came true - as soon as I got to the Pentagon, she (the navigation system) flipped out and couldn't figure out what road I was on. She kept making her "BONG!" noise and staarting to say something, then she'd change her mind and the map would shift and she'd start all over again. Aaahhhh! When she finally made out a full sentence (for me to take exit 10 onto the Memorial bridge) the exit was sudden;y past me and I was crossing a bridge into DC saying "shit, shit, shit, shit, shit..." and trying not to puke. I managed not to cry, puke, or cause and accident, though I nearly did all three. The navigation bitch started telling me places to turn around as I started making my way across the lanes to make a right turn. It was nerve-racking getting back out of DC into Arlington - I don't understand the strange vertical-pole street lights and all the weird service roads have me SURE I am going the wrong way on roads. But, I made it back out onto 395. Of course I managed to accidently get myself onto the HOV behind two motorcycle cops. Shit! Luckily in was just past HOV time. I got back onto the normal road at the very next chance. And just in time to see an exit for Pentagon City. So I quickly took that just as navigation bitch decided to tell me to take it. She smugly told me I had arrived at my destination. NO THANKS TO HER! Meh! That was so not fun, but I was proud of myself for not losing my mind completely. I get very scared when I am driving in strange place.

It is sooo nice to have Danny home. On Saturday we took a little trip into Baltimore to visit the Aquarium. I love aquariums. It was amazing to see all the sharks swim past me just a few feet from where I was standing. I freaked out every time I saw their teeth up close. There is something about their beady eyes and zillions of little pointy teeth that make me squirm.

On Monday, since our office is still not ready, I filled in at the doggy daycare. It was nice being back there. I got lots of kisses from my boy, Charlie the Aussie. I only got humped by two dogs, heh. I don't remember being run-into much, but I found 5 bruises on my knees today. Ahhh, the good old days in the doggy playrooms... It worked out well that I filled in that day - they had a daycare staff meeting so I was able to cover the front desk during that. on Mondays of three-day-weekends there are always a lot of boarding pickups.

Today I once again worked from home. Tomorrow I will be as well. My boss will call me when they get the new carpet down in the offices. If it is early enough in the day I can drive out and get my office set up.

I must eat dinner! Food! Probably some of the yummy veggie chili Danny made last night!

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