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remember me?

stephanie is: busy at work busy at work...
Hi! Remember me? I have been so so busy... I always want to post about things, but by the time I finally am able to, it almost seems like too much time has passed and it is no longer irrelevant. So I am taking a moment to post now.

I'd really love to be buried under the covers, napping, covered in a heavy pile of cats and dogs.

This past Sunday, my beautiful niece Cassandra celebrated her first birthday. We drove out to her grandparents' house in Maryland for a family party. They cooked hamburgers and hotdogs (a gardenburger for me) and gave me a coloring place mat and goodie bag cause i am just a big kid. Cassie was very cute at present time - sitting on her mommy's lap grabbing things as they came out of the wrapping. We got her: a red overall dress with white polka dots and a matching onesie, a pink shirt with a puppy photo on it and the words 'I need a hug", pink heart-shaped sunglasses, a baby animal book, and two touch-and-feel books - puppies and kittens. Cassie impressed me when she picked up the puppy book and started flipping the pages, stopping to feel the textures attached to each page. I don't know anything about babies, but she is always impressing me since a couple months go by between our visits. After presents we had cake. Cassie got her own mini cake to destroy. She looked frightened by it at first, but she soon figured out it was fun to mush around the frosting. It was nice seeing everyone.

Over the past month I have been slowly working my way through the photos of me taken by Michael Woodward at the end of January. It is a miracle that I made it through them so "fast" as I still have a bunch to go through from the previous shoot. This time, I asked that we work on some artistic nudes. I always enjoyed figure drawing in college, and photos of the human form are some of my favorites. But it is too hard for me to take that style of pictures as self-portraits. Michael did an amazing job, especially since I have such a strange figure. As always, I due limit the amount of skin I am willing to show online (you won't see any girly bits, just some cheek). But even with that, we came up with a lot of creative poses. Some of them almost look like I was floating underwater... I thrive on being a part of the creative process - regardless of what part. Art is so important to me. Anyway, here are some tiny samples. The link to the members' gallery is here.

On Sunday we are leaving for a very much needed vacation in Cancun. Vacation vacation vacation vacation! I haven't even had time to get excited about it yet!

This week I have to finish up our new website design and get everything set up on the new server. I need to write the March newsletter and get it queued for sending out while I am gone. I have to finish making a detailed spread sheet about the various photos we need taken for some marketing materials, and on Friday the photographer will be here to take them. I am glad I held on to my Christmas spa gift certificate. I now have a massage/mini/pedi scheduled for the day before we leave My first massage! I am less excited about my first pedicure, as I am violently ticklish, but I want pretty toes since I shall be LIVING in flip-flops for a week. Is it the weekend yet?

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