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happy wednesday

stephanie is: tired tired...
I've been very tired lately. A combination of too little sleep, poor quality sleep, and who knows. Hopefully I will start feeling more rested soon. I go through phases.

Yes, I am a dork (as if you didn't already know that). I watch "American Idol". Thanks to Tivo, at least. I'd never be able to watch it if I had to wait through all the commercials and terrible group songs they do. I don't vote though - since the polls are usually closed by the time I watch it. I have my favorites, based mostly on personality. Anyway, for those who watched it last night - was Paula Abdul totally drunk (or doped up)? She was swaying and slurring her words... So odd.

For breakfast I am eating chopped apples with caramel dip from Starbucks. The container says: "APPLES AND DIP; May contain: Apples and Caramel dip"... Thanks for the warning!

I've been craving Indian food. Anyone want to get some with me soon? I know this great little family-owned place. Mmm chana masala!

I have been attacking the backlog of cam pictures from stvlive.com. So there will be galleries popping up in the near future. It is a balancing act though - site work and trying to get enough sleep.

I only got one suggestion for photos to take when I asked in my last post. I'm on my own for inspiration then. Friends with cameras: lets go out in this beautiful spring weather and take pictures soon! Oh, and Kollin - we still need to reschedule...

Back to work.

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