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i'm stretching

stephanie is: z z z z z z...
Can someone in their 20's grow taller/longer? Seriously - all of my shirts are now too short for me. This includes ones that have not been washed recently. I am going to have a huge pile of tops to donate... but I don't want to go through them all because I'll be left with an empty dresser.

Back when I worked in the doggy playrooms (and before we got logo tee shirts to wear), I stocked up on solid color shirts of various sleeve lengths. I worked with customers a lot so I stayed away for screen-printed shirts (unless dog-related) but, being with the dogs, I needed something that could take a beating. They always had to be long enough to cover my back and belly completely or else I'd get scratches when dogs jumped up to give me love. Now all those shirts are 2-3 inches too short.

I am in the office now. Officially, I am employed by the franchising company, but I am the Senior Graphic Designer and handle all the web and marketing stuff for both franchising and the daycare. We dress casual, but I try to wear nice sweaters or button-downs with clean jeans. I sometimes wear the daycare "uniform" if I know I'll be helping them out (or if I need to puppy-pile for a while). I sit at a desk with my back facing the office (the part everyone walks into when they enter) so having a 3" chunk of back showing above my pants is not cool. Only some of my button-downs are short, and I can wear tank tops under them. A lot of my sweaters are too short, but they are so full of naps and holes from dog toenails that they need to be thrown out and replaced next fall.

Danny has a hair appointment at the maul tonight. Perhaps I shall go looking for some longer tops. I'd also like something along the lines of cords, but for warm weather. Like, less casual than cargo pants, but not fancy suit pants. I guess like khakis, but in other color options.

Wow, such an exciting post. Sorry! Back to my web work...

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