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knees & walks & entrees. oh my!

stephanie is: allergimacated allergimacated...
Today we packed the girls into the doggy-mobile and we went for a nice long walk in Great Falls. We had to stick to the MD side and the flat path beside the canal because yesterday I rammed my knee into a glass coffee table super hard. Knee, meet coffee table. Coffee table, meet knee. Ow. The weather on our walk was lovely.

India looks like a goober cause of her head harness. She hasn't graduated off of it yet - she tries to pull me to dogs we meet on walks.

Tonight, we went to Old Towne, Alexandria for dinner. We ate at Il Porto... eventually. We waited so long for our entrees that our server asked us if we wanted coffee or dessert when we still hadn't gotten our food. And this was about 15 minutes after a manager guy came over and asked if we'd gotten our food yet. By that point I had gotten out my camera to amuse myself. I only have blurry pictures because I didn't want to turn on the flash. I need to read how to get non-flash night photos more crisp.

At least we had a nice table by a window.

I am sleepy and have an allergy headache, so I am going up to bed.

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