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goodbye weekend

stephanie is: tired tired...
hello... going to bed as soon as the sheets are dry.

Today we managed to wake up a little later than normal. We stayed in bed cuddling for a while. After watching some TV in bed we had showered and dressed. I dressed for the summery weather:

Pardon the weird angle - I wanted to get my shoes in too. I haven't owned white sandals in at least 15 years.

Danny had me choose our lunch destination near Tysons Corner Mall. I picked Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant. I had a good salad with chopped avocado and peanut dressing. I had part of a side of mixed beans and rice, but parts of it were cold.

After lunch we went to the mall. The mission was to find me some business-casual pants for work. On Wednesday we have 2 pro football players coming into the office for a meeting and we need to dress nicer than our dog-safe jeans. I hate clothes shopping (though, ironically, I like new clothes). I was thinking I'd never find any nice pants that fit after the size 0's at bothe Express and The Limited were way too big. I half-heartedly tried The Gap. Turns out the secret is I need to find low-rise dress pants. I have wide enough hip bones and plenty of butt for a 0, but my waist is on the small side of ridiculous. It is impossible to find anything non-stretchy that fits my waist.

I walked out with two pairs of low-rise slacks - one a light beige color, the other a camel. But now I have a new problem: I have no shoes to go with said pants. I need to find some in the next couple days. I only have black dress-pant shoes. Help!

We stopped at Target and Pet Smart after the mall for more things we needed. When we got home, we took the girls for another long walk. I am pink on my face, scalp, collar bones, and shoulders from all the outside time this weekend. Here is a picture of China and me:

For those who are curious - China is a Chow/Shepherd mix, India is a Shar Pei/Rottweiller mix.

I hear Danny opening to dryer, so it is time for bed. My bosses have been at an expo all weekend and will be out tomorrow, though they emailed me my to-do list.

The weekend felt too short.

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