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old pictures

stephanie is: so sleepy so sleepy...
I am sooo sleepy, so you can look at some old photos instead of reading about my week.

Me, at age two, outside my grandparents house in Iowa.

My first day of ballet class - about age 4. I was terrible at it, but cute.

This was probably one of my first ballet recitals.

The Christmas I was 5 and got Pot-Belly Bear! It had felt like I was only asleep 5 minutes. I thought they lied about there really being a Santa, because 5 minutes is not long enough.

I don't think I was as grumpy as I looked - just cold and squinting into the sun.

This is a drawing I made at age 4 or 5 of my favorite mug. It was probably my only mug, as I was 4 or 5. My great-great-great-something-or-other (aunt?) Helen gave it to me. I still have it (the mug, sadly not the drawing).

My birthday is mid-July - peak vacation time. I never had more than 2 guests at my birthday parties because everyone was gone. Or so they say. My dad had us play math games on the computer. When you when you got to play a maze game I loved. It was called "Rats!". Did you program that, Daddy?

Okay, night night!

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