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dress me

stephanie is: bloaty bloaty...
I have a dress!

It was fate... An office-mate of mine (of similar stature) went shopping for a dress to wear to the Virginia Gold Cup. She bought two size 0 dresses from Express and planned to bring the one she didn't pick back. When I saw this one (that she didn't pick) I tried it on right then and there over my clothes. I really liked it. It is too big, but close enough I can have it altered. I have to stick my ribs out as far as I can to have it not fall down. I was wearing a rather independent strapless bra in these pictures that didn't require much from me in the boobie department, though the bust is still too baggy. I will go to a taylor once I stop being a period bloatmonster. I have two new office slacks to have hemmed anyway.

But once again, I need help. Shoes?? A wrap?? What to do? I was told right away that white would look too girlie. Do I find matching blue shoes? Or go with a neutral flesh colored pair? Whatever the color, though I want them to be heels, I do need them to be firmly attached to my feet since I don't know how to walk in dress shoes. And I will need to have a wrap at the ready because I get chilled in air conditioning.

Sick of dress talk yet? I am, but I need to get it all together. And on the same trip as the wedding we are attending, we will stay here for two nights. Can't wait...

I've been doing pretty well with my photo list so far. Feel free to join. I think tonight's photo will be one of the set I took recently.

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