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work lather rinse repeat

stephanie is: very  tired very tired...
So tired...

It has been very crazy at work this week. I was looking forward to the three-day weekend. But do to all the craziness, I will now be filling in in the doggy daycare on Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully, my boss was able to rearrange my work a bit and I get to be off Monday - Wednesday. I'll have to work 7 days in a row, but I still have my days off (and a bonus short week). I don't think I'll be able to go to my coworker's party on Saturday. It starts at 5 pm (right when I will get off work) and I have to be at work to get the dogs up at 7 am. Oh, well.

The days off are important because Danny and I want to paint the kitchen. He is going to take Tuesday off. Saturday and sunday he can put the painters tape up and prime the walls. Monday and Tuesday we will both be off to paint. So it still should work out. We are going to due an olive green color I think. Here is our current unpainted kitchen. Click on the image below to see 4 different views of what we hope to accomplish (Warning - rather large image collage).


One of my work shirts is a little bright for my tastes. India LOVES wearing clothes, so I am going to turn it into a little doggie cape for her. I took a picture of her in the unaltered shirt to make sure it was wide enough. She is too cute.


I must go eat. I have Indian food leftovers to heat up since Danny is going to eat a cow. Mmm, samosa...

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