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stephanie is: busy busy busy...
Things have been crazy! Crazy, I say! I worked 7 days straight since we recently lost some managerial staff at work. My boss kindly let me have Monday - Wednesday off since everyone else in the office had 3-day weekends.

I used my days off to paint the kitchen with Danny. Holy crap, that was an awful experience until we finally figured out a system that worked. I was ready to either call a professional or throw myself out the window. It came out really nice. I still have some edges to touch up and things to put away/clean up. I'll post photos soon.

Our internet has been down for over a week at work. We have a satellite connection, and it is the crap. We are getting a real connection soon, but not soon enough. I have a lot of emails and online stuff to read and take care of, but I am so behind from not having a connection that I don't even know where to start!

Computer update - My G3 is still dead dead. We tried a new HD but it still won't even recognize it is there. Danny thinks the bus died. I did at least remember my video camera is a Sony with a firewire port. (I'd forgotten because I didn't have a firewire computer back when I got it. Hell, my old ass g3 didn't even come with USB!) So I ordered a 6 to 4 pin firewire cable and I'll see if that works.

I'm hungry. My lunch was gross. I need to go to Michael's craft store in the next couple days to get some fake plants for the kitchen cabinets before the sale ends. Danny is not a fan of the craft store though. What's for dinner?

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