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long hot day

stephanie is: dirty dirty...
Well, today was interesting. Though work is always interesting when you have ~80 dogs in one building...

I was back in the office at my desk when the power went out. That means the AC, lights, and air filtration system for the playrooms went out. As well as the cash register, phones, and computer with all the invoices and client records. Oy! We called the power company and they said the whole area was out and it wouldn't be fixed until mid-afternoon.

Keep in mind it was/is 90° F today.

Our first priority was the dogs. We got them all moved into the coolest areas of the building. The hallways back to the offices was one of those areas so we had to start walking out of the building to get back there. We put out lots of extra water bowls and started taking them outside in groups to play in the hose and swimming pools. I used my cell phone lcd to start pulling all the files of the dogs we had there today for the file cabinets in our very dark file room. All extra staff started calling parents on their cell phones to let them know the situation in case they wanted to pick their dogs up early.

About an hour into it, the 3 generators we rented arrived so we set up lots of fans to keep the dogs cool. We set one up out front so we could power the front desk area back up. The fans plus all the swimming and hose time kept the dogs cool, but it was sooo nice when the power came back up.

I kept helping out until it was time to head home since we had gotten behind on things like baths and entering boarding dogs into the computers. And of course, today we were supposed to have a meeting in the office so I was wearing heels and white business slacks. Thankfully, I had to drive myself to work today so I brought flip flops. I spent much of the day with my pants rolled up like a dork, but you do what you have to do.

Overall I am super impressed by how well everyone handled the power outage. Much of the staff (including me) went without any lunch break in order to keep the dogs safe and comfortable. Our operations staff was amazing for getting those generators so fast. It is nice to have a crisis and have everyone pull through.

As you may or may not know, work is kind of swallowing up all my time right now. We are short on management staff and we are all pitching in. I've been working Sundays, though it has meant working 6 or 7 days in a row and 1-day-weekends. I am taking a comp day on Friday (dentist day, ew) so I have 2 days off in a row finally. It is really effecting my online time. We are hoping things will settle down in July.

I have so many things I want to do online - updates to stvlive, photos to take, projects to start, freelance to do... But everything is kind of on hold. Hopefully you all still love me *bats eyes* even if my internet time has been limited...

Speaking of not being loved... No takers?

I am seriously so wiped out from today. Let's all go strip down, give each other massages, and crawl into bed early!

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