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crazy long

stephanie is: ow my head ow my head...
Today I had to work. It is my third Sunday in a row filling in at the front desk of the doggy daycare. But it was also my last (at least for this month). Hopefully we will have something worked out by July so everyone's schedules can go back to normal.

When I got home I worked on my braids. I have to redo them all in just over a week so they will be nice and new for our trip to California for Danny's uncle's wedding. 22 down, 98 to go!

It takes me years to get rid of damage in my hair. I guess because it is so baby fine the damage just splits right up it. I first started hiding/protecting my hair in braids of extension hair so I could manage the trauma. So I cut all the damage off over the past couple years without regards to the lengths it left me with. I have layers all over the place. But at least it is all healthy! Most of my (real) hair is between shoulder and boob length. The top layer is about ear length because it had been damaged to to root. I had to always keep at least 2" of hair to attach the braid to, so I would trim off a bit more damage as soon as it grew at all. I am finally past that point and gaining some length.

The bottom layer of my hair was not damaged at all. I have only done maintenance trimming. I hadn't realized how long it had got. When my hair was loose, it would not grow past my nipples. I figured that that was my genetic limit. Sure, it was a lot longer when I was little, but I was a lot shorter then. So I nearly peed myself when I started down on the bottom layer of braids and realized my REAL hair came within 6" of the end of the 30" extension hair. Hair down to the middle of my back! I heart long hair (if you can't tell by all the trouble I go through to have it). If only it was all that long... But it gives me hope that it is possible! I just have to keep it all healthy.

This is a horrible picture of me, but at least I don't look under my normal weigh like I am (mysterious loss of 4 lbs recently), and I look like I have muscles and boobs! But here is a strand of my real hair. and the braids running down the middle are the ones I have done so far. Must. Braid. Every. Evening!


Friday, I went to the dentist to get 3 cavities filled in 2 teeth. I am a bad bad Stephanie for not going to the dentist in so long. But, I am taking accountability now that we aren't changing our insurance every other week. I have so many insurance cards I don't know which is the right one! Anyway, the fillings went well. My dentist was great and for some reason I was not bothered by any of it - even though she gave me a million shots of novacain due to a stubborn never. I go back for another appointment on the 30th. She is giving me a deep cleaning on all my teeth, one quarter of my mouth at a time. Fun stuff! Can't wait to be done and finally not worry that there are bad things going on in my mouth. I do have more cavities to fill, but nothing hurts at all, so I am hoping every one of them is a normal filling - no root canals, please! But, really... you get what you deserve when you go as long as I did without a dental visit.

Enough with the teeth! Tell me what you are looking forward to this week...

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