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stephanie is: beat beat...
Very tired. I just got back from an all-day, out of office strategical planning session. I have a big time headache (due to the humidity and mold in the air - not the meeting.)

Tomorrow I am going in to work early (for a Friday at least. Friday is normally the day I work 10 am - 7 pm.) I have to take Danny to his first sedation dentistry appointment in the afternoon. Since I have a conference call meeting with our PR firm at work at noon, I can't work from home. No big deal, I just have to be walking out the door to head home at 1 pm. In the afternoon I'll be "on call" to pick up Danny when he awakens. Hopefully he'll be in good enough shape to enjoy his weekend. I don't think the healing time will be as intense as when he had his wisdom teeth out (all of mine are completely in!), but I don't know exactly what he is getting done.

I have my 3rd of 4 "deep cleaning" appointments the day before my birthday (shameless wishlist plug). I'm not sure what all they will be doing, but I assume there will be a filling or two. I have a couple in each quadrant of my mouth (don't wait 8 years to go to the dentist, people!) I do want to mention to her that I think she missed a cavity in the section that she just took care of. Luckily I've never had any pain from cavities. Just say no to root canals! 50% done and I haven't needed one so far! Only the very first cavity was anywhere need the root. I am not officially a flossing/brushing/flouride fool. Yey, dental hygiene! I will have clean choppers by the end of the summer.

Hm, what should we have for dinner?

Ow, my head.

I can't believe I turn another year older in a week! At least I still look young...

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