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for the (k-9) troops

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I generally don't post work-related specifics since this is a personal "blog", but I really want to promote this...

The doggy daycare I work at has started a campaign to collect items to send to military dogs serving in Iraq. The dogs are short on toys and treats to enjoy on their down time. They also need items to make them a little more comfortable like cooling pads and blistex for their poor chapped noses.

We have a whole list of items requested by the handlers for themselves and the dogs including: (for the dogs) chew toys, frisbees, rope toys, carmex/blistex, dog biscuits, and (for the handlers) sunflower seeds, sugarless gum, redbull. goldfish crackers. beef jerky/slim jims, and under armor t-shirts.

With monetary donations (including those from a fundraising "dog wash" we are holding later this month, we will be buying the more expensive items such as under armor shirts and doggy cooling pads.

Here are two comments we received from the K-9 unit in Iraq that we organized this donation drive for: "We appreciate all the support that you are all providing the troops and the dogs. Thank you very much." and "What ever anyone sends to them, they will appreciate. Thank you From "The Dog Pound"

We have also been contacted by another K-9 unit who said: "The [kennel] is getting cramped so you can imagine the daily grumblings over the toys (they all love the one pull rope that has survived). I understand that you are receiving donations and would like to ask if we could be included in the distribution. I have no problem reimbursing you for any and all expenses, and would actually prefer it to a hand out. As you can imagine, there is no "pet store around the corner" to stop at to get anything for the dogs. I know the handlers here would never ask for anything because that's just not their style. They are proud of what they do and are always ready for their next mission."

Because of the great need and amazing response of those who want to donate but need a little time, we will be continuing the campaign throughout the summer - sending regular shipments over to Iraq.

We were featured on the front page of the Washington Times the other day. You can read the story here and here. To read our press release, follow this link. If anyone out of the area would like to send donations, feel free to contact me via email.

We've had customer and strangers alike stopping by with donations. I nearly cried when one of our daycare dog's mom stopped by with a big bag of gifts and a photo of her dog in a patriotic bandana... There was a sweet, sweet note on the back to send to the troops. I am generally not very involved in politics or military causes, but this whole campaign has really touched me...

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