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d day

stephanie is: groggy groggy...
Tired... Been very tired all week. Sleep deficit or something. And sleeping 3 - 6 hours a night is only adding to that. But, insomnia... What can you do?

I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. Boo! Deep cleaning of the upper-right quad, plus filling any cavities we have time for. I don't know how many (if any - though there's got to be some after as long as I waited to have my teeth checked) are up there. She hadn't made her plan for the appointment when I picked up Danny from his appointment. I have to write a list of things I want to bring up at the dentist. I am good at forgetting. I forgot the MP3 player I bring to all my appointments. It is still at home charging. Not good at all. It keeps me calm. So, I guess I have to go home before the appointment.

This past Saturday I went out dancing with my friend Laura, her best friend, and her best friend's male friend. It was lots of fun. I brought them to Chiaroscuro for some "goth club" action (the first rule of goth club is...). It was weird going to a club where everyone in my group of people dances with me the whole time! I tend to hit the dance floor when I arrive and not really stop dancing until my ride is leaving or my knees give out. Making me feel lousy, like I should be hanging out at the bar with the people I came with. Alas, I am not a good mingler. Thankfully, I have understanding friends. But, it was a lot of fun to claim a corner of the dance floor and dance all night with friends. We must go again soon!

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Tomorrow is my birthday! I am getting old :( I have nothing planned. Hopefully I'll be able to eat. My lips got really torn up at my last dentist appointment. I'll be at work like any other day. We have an important meeting at 10 am. I have no clue if we'll do anything special this weekend. Any ideas?

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