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So, the charity dog wash went great! we washed 155 dogs over 5 hours and raised over $8,000! Wow! The dog spa was constantly full of people and dogs, and there was a 40 minute wait for baths even though we we washing in 4 tubs. Our poor clothes dryer couldn't keep up with the demand for dry towels, so we were using the sun and our back fence to dry many of them. I spent the first portion of the event taking photos and filling in where ever needed.

Towards the last hour the bathers were starting to drop like flies, so I packed up my camera and took over one of the tubs. I always loved bathing dogs when I worked in daycare. And I got to bathe salveregina's adorable pugs (thank you so much for coming out)! I also finally got to meet docsavage (who I was meaning to email back for forever but I got so busy the email is now buried in my inbox) and his cute dog, Chili. Thank you for stopping by!

We had an article in the Metro section of the Washington Post the day before the event, so we had many new people come out to donate. There were camera crews every where you looked at one point: CNN with Barbara Starr, NBC 4, CBS 9, FOX 5, and the Pentagon Channel. NBC and CBS just did little 30-second stories - Fox did a great segment that included footage of the K-9 training facility. CNN is still putting theirs together, but they filmed a lot. We had one more mention in the Post today; two photos and a paragraph about the event.

Even the bake sale went well, though we made a lot more food than we thought we were going to. The "Hello Dolly" bars that Danny gave me the recipe for sold out.

We were so tired after such an intense day that we got in bed at 7 pm. But it was all well worth it! We have now made contact with 5 additional K-9 units oversea so there will be even more dogs we can help with the money we've raised. Thank you everyone!

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