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stephanie is: busy busy...
Hello! Well, I've been rather busy, if you hadn't guessed.

Work has been pretty crazy. We have been selling franchises that I'll be making sites for, I'm designing a new corporate site, and we are continuing out K-9 charity drive.

Home has been crazy too. We are trying to get our house more under control. It is hard when you are short on time and have plenty of hairy animals shedding everywhere. Yesterday we cleaned out the closet and produced a good dozen bags of clothes to donate. I am also donating a bunch of shoes - Docs even - so if you a female size 6.5 to 7 and are interested, let me know. That office chair in the photo is up for grabs. We still have a lot of cleaning/purging to do. But most of what is left will be garbage. We have to figure out a good way to store our Christmas decorations. I may need to buy some storage boxes that fit the shelves we have in the garage.

In addition to work and home being busy, my brain has been working overtime. Much of it is personal at this point. Danny can vouch for the fact that I tend to dwell on big decisions. I am just a worrier. I think I can thank my dad for that.

Danny and I are both trying to get my site/server back up to speed. He has spent time getting a new server set up and running for it. My stats were breaking everything by the end of the month. He has also helped by fixing and upgrading a bunch of backside issues. I have been working of the front-end of things as time allows. I was hoping to have time this weekend, but I was barely at my computer at all.

On Saturday we went to an old friend's barbecue. Met some new people and also saw some friends I hadn't seen outside of a club in a long time. As a result, I made a MySpace profile. I don't have time to look up anyone who has mentioned they are on MySpace right now, so I am friendless for the moment.

I need to take some photos. I have been collecting picture frames every time I find some for a dollar or two each. I want to make a big photo wall in our stairwell. I'm sure I'll change the photos as time and life goes by, but I don't want to hang them empty. I would love a black and white portrait of Danny and I together, but getting him in front of a camera is a challenge, heh. I am going to have to order a few of the prints because my printer can't print big enough.

Okay, back to work!

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