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voodoo curse

stephanie is: tired tired...
I forgot to write about this earlier...

Did one of you put a voodoo curse on the entertainment center in our bedroom? Seriously, it is cursed.

We watch the news at 6 am every morning as we are waking up and getting ready for work. On Fridays we go in to work a little later. Danny got woken up early this past Friday and was already downstairs when the alarm went off. I tried to turn on the Today Show and the tivo showed the start-up screen that said "Almost there... Just a few more minutes" or something similar. Uh. Danny tried everything he could without luck. He even called our satellite company and tried everything they suggested. It still sticks at the same spot - as if it downloaded a bad update sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning.

Saturday night, we decided to watch a dvd in bed. We couldn't get the bedroom dvd player to turn on for more than a second. What the hell? I suggested a power surge, but Danny said everything is on a surge protector and there wasn't any power surges elsewhere in the house. We ended up watching the movie down on the first floor tv that we never use.

Sunday, Danny vacuumed while I did a lot of throwing out and also cleaned all the litter boxes. He held the vacuum tube up to the dusty speaker shelf (which has been attached the the wall with two very strong anchors since we moved in years ago) and the whole shelf came crashing down. Luckily the tv, which is also mounted on the wall, stayed put and the speaker just dangled by it's cord. I had to go put it up because poor Danny was trying as hard as he could not to punch a hold in the wall. If he had, it would fit in with the two drywall anchor holes, dents, scratches, and black streaks the falling shelf made. I am glad it didn't fall on me or the dogs since that is our side of the bed.

Okay really, what is going on? We don't have money this month for all kinds of shit to be breaking, thanks to all the dental work we've been getting. You can stop breaking everything now!

It is a good thing I like to read in bed. And other stuff.

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