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stephanie is: tired tired...
Good morning!

Last night I got to spend time with azcra & photo_obscura. It was great to see them! I did a photoshoot while I was there. I was in a weird mood - not too creative and kind of down on myself, which made things a little more difficult. But from the previews I saw, there are some neat shots. Sorry, no examples yet - I haven't even opened up the cd he gave me yet. If Michael posts any before I get to them, I will have to snatch them. :)

Michael kindly drove me home, and we stopped to get us all Starbucks on the way. I wonder if there is a map upgrade for my navigation system yet - one that covers all the craziness of the mixing bowl. Then I'd actually be able to get myself to their house. I told them I would try to figure out the way there so we can just hang out and watch movies or something. I went right up to bed when I got home and Danny and I watched the Lost season premier on tivo.

I am so glad it is nearly the weekend! I'd like to do something fun... I'm not sure what though. Ideas, anyone? I do want to try playing with my new camera some more to learn how it works. Both doing some self-portraits and still lifes/landscapes when I am out-and-about.

I am going to the International Gold Cup with my work next month. I've never been to anything like that. Apparently, dressing up is a big deal. The spring race is all sundresses and fancy hats. This one is tweed, sweaters, and boots. I need to do some shopping to find something. I know it will sneak up on me if I don't start looking.

I am trying to decide if I should go to the RenFest this year. I don't think I've been since 2003. Danny is always dead-set against it, though I'd agree not to dress up like a dork if he came with me. :P Does anyone want to go? It is waaay outside my driving comfort bubble, but I can pay gas money. How long does it run? I worked there briefly when I was 16, so I'll always have a soft spot for it.

So, Halloween is sooner than I realized! I need to figure out if I am doing anything soon, so I have time to start making a costume. Does anyone know what parties or club events will be going on?

In the past:
1 year ago I sewed my first doggy coat.
2 years ago I had a photoshoot with Kollin and interviewed at the doggy daycare.
3 years ago I caught a cold. Fun.
4 years ago I bought a suit and went to the zoo.
5 years ago I saw a baseball game with Moose and Danny and went to the zoo.

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