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stephanie is: sleepies sleepies...
I am quite sleepy, but I wanted to post before bed.

Last Sunday, Danny and I took a day trip up to Skyline Drive to see the autumn leaves. Unfortunately, the leaves hadn't turned much. But the absolutely beautiful weather made up for it! I just posted a small gallery of the photos I took. Here is a bonus picture - a panorama of the the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.


The other day, I volunteered Danny and I to help out at the Home 4 the Holidays Super Pet Adoption. I will be going through a training class to learn how to be an adoption councilor at the event. I went last year, but I was working at the doggie daycare booth all day. Since I am not needed there this time, I wanted to help out. There are a lot of puppies that need homes!

I wanted to share a large version of one of my costume photos to show off all the detail work - the shells, pearls, glitter, sequins, etc... The photo is copyright Kollin Bliss (who hopefully won't mind me posting this large version). The costume and makeup is by me!


Tomorrow we are getting up earliyish for breakfast, then heading to Harper's Ferry. I'm not sure if I've been there before - certainly not as an adult. It is going to be 73° F tomorrow!

If you have a copy of the November Entrepreneur magazine, there is a doggy ad I did the design and photography for on page 167.

To bed I go!! Who will tuck me in? I require a kiss on the forehead and a stuffed puppy dog.

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