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and then

stephanie is: cold cold...

This weekend I tried to take a break from my computer/freelance/site stuff. I need to not stress over the work I have. It isn't that bad. This morning I was ready to call of doing holiday cards, since I'd need to do our family portrait, edit it all together (gonna take it in two halves), design the card and order it, collect addresses, make up address labels, stamp/sign/label the cards when they arrive, and then mail. It is only a task of a couple evenings, but I have to get freelance and chores done in the evenings. Plus, it is nice to take a few hours and not have to be doing anything but relaxing. So, I woke up feeling there was no way in hell I could do it. Now that I've been up for a while, I think I might as well try. At there very least, I want the family portrait to hang on our walls (family meaning Danny, me, and the dogs. The cats always look tortured if I try to hold them for a photo.) I will also try to gather addresses in case it looks like I'll be able to do the cards. I could always send them as New Year's cards. I'll have to see how our "photoshoot" goes. It will involve me taking Danny and China's photo for one half, then Danny taking one of me and India for the other half. I am thinking black and white. Anyway, if you'd like a card (and I actually decide to do them), add your address here (I'll not sure if you have to be a LiveJournal member to put in your address. You are welcome to email me your address instead). Only I can see it. If you are sending out cards, I'd love one. I've been skimming too much online so I've missed all the places where people have asked for mailing addresses. Mine is: Stephanie Segall, 13594 Plaza America DR #239, Reston, Virginia 20190 (this is a pay mail box, not my home address).

Saturday night, I went to the Goth Club™ with Laura and her friend. The big secured lot we park in was the emptiest I'd ever seen it at around 11 pm when we arrived. We had 2 for 1 coupons, but only three of us. Luckily, someone was arriving alone right behind us, so I split a coupon with her. I had a good time dancing,though I was very hot in my corsety thing. Laura and I had hoped to do a little mini cam show before we left, but we took too long getting ready. Oops! I did insist we pause for some photos before heading out the door.

There are only 2 more weeks of ChiarOscuro left. I can't go next week, as I have my company holiday party that night, but I may try to go to the last night. I'm not sure where I would go dancing after it ends. I don't go out on week nights since I wake up at 5:45 am, and I work later on Fridays. We'll see. It isn't about the club, the "scene", or even seeing friends (I'd rather see you guys over dinner and a nice conversation)... It is about dancing and listening to music. Maybe I can convince someone to take dance lessons with me? Swing, or tango would be a lot of fun!

It is so freaking cold in my office. We keep it cool because it is on the same system as one of the dog playrooms. I've had my space heater running all year. But now it is especially arctic. I need fingerless gloves! There are a couple inches of snow on the ground. Time to get back to work!

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