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stephanie is: working working...
Hello from work. Guess what? I've been busy! What else is new?!

Over the weekend, I had planned to do a photoshoot with magnetic99, but alas, it wasn't in the cards for us that day. We'd had planned that he would pick me up and bring me to his place for the shoot, then that evening we would meet Danny at a restaurant out there and Danny would take me home. But after a flat tire and awful traffic, we agreed to postpone the shoot. It's a shame though... We had some fun things planned. One was taking pictures of me in my rollerskates. Another was some Christmasy photos. Now it will be too late for the Christmas photos, as he holiday is this weekend.

Last night I had my work cut out for me. I bring it on myself - taking on way more projects than I need to. But, it's just who I am. I had decided last week that my gifts to my 7 office coworkers were going to be handmade picture frames. I got all of the supplies right before the weekend, and prepped the wood frames on Sunday. I couldn't start decorating them, because the computer files I needed to design them were at work. So, after work I attempted to do decoupage for the first time. I was having a lot of problems at first - everything was making the print-outs bleed and run. I nearly gave up out of frustration. I managed to figure out a technique that worked (painting on a layer of tacky glue before putting the decoupage stuff on) but messed up the first frame by doing it upside-down! Argh! After I threw it across the room, Danny convinced me that they were cute (despite and wrinkles or smudges) and that everyone would love them. So, once again, I decided to give it another shot. Since I had the technique down by then, I just kept at it.

I stopped part-way through while some were drying to bake vegan birthday cupcakes for a coworker. She had baked a cake for me on my birthday. I finished the 7th picture frame around 11 pm, and I got the cupcakes frosted and boxed up. Thanks to girlie cramps, I didn't get to sleep right away, but I don't feel too tired today despite my 5:45 am wake up time.

I am very close to finishing my holiday cards! They have been my other time-consuming project. Of course, I didn't have to make my own cards - or even send any out, but I wanted to. They will be simple, but cute. I have half of them all done but for a stamp and sealing the envelope shut. I hate sealing envelopes - anyone want to lick them for me? Whenever I try to use the sponge trick I soak the poor envelope to mush. I need to try to finish them up tonight and bring them in to work tomorrow for the outgoing mail pile. Anyone who gave me their address for a card or sent me one with a return address will be getting our cute family portrait.

I am looking forward to Christmas! I love opening presents and wanting people open their presents from me! I wish the week would go faster. Since Christmas (and New Year's Day) fall on Sunday, I don't get paid time off for those days. I plan to take Monday the 26th off anyway. Hopefully I can see my family in Maryland.

Aw, look! It is the cubby dog!

What winter holiday do you celebrate?

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