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happy 2006!

stephanie is: tired tired...
Oh, my gosh.. So tired! I am at work, so I don't have much time to write. So lists are all you get!

Christmas Eve Eve:

  • My boss had told me to work from home because the rest of the office would be out on vacation, but they were short staffed and asked me to help out at the doggy daycare front desk.
  • After work, we went with our friend Ivan to our favorite sushi restaurant. The sushi chefs are all super nice there. They made us special sushi rolls (though I only eat non-fish sushi). They thought I was very young and guessed my age at 18 or 19. Uh, I wish!
  • I had to deal with yucky tummy issues all day - I think due to my dinner the night before. Not cool.

Christmas Eve:

  • Danny and I went to brunch at Sequoia on the water in Georgetown. We had never been there before. We got to site up on the second floor loft with a great view of the water I got a fruit-yogurt-granola dish that was very good. I was trying to play it safe with my sick tummy.
  • After brunch, we fed our parking meter and took a stroll around Georgetown. We saw Santa Claus playing the saxophone on a street corner. I stopped at a little dog boutique and bought India a stuffed puppy for Christmas.
  • Since we were in the city, we decided to go to the National Zoo. It was a really pretty day, so it was nice walking around a nearly empty zoo. The only crowd we ran into was around the panda pavillion. The baby panda was inside with his mommy, but we saw panda daddy, Tian Tian.
  • After dinner, Danny took me out to look at holiday lights. Last year, we visited a street in Sterling that was super decorated. When we got there this year, it was like everyone had moved away. So sad. But I got to see a few decorated houses, which made me happy.
  • When we got home, we stayed up so we could open presents after midnight. India discovered her stuffed puppy hiding in the Christmas tree and was so obsessed with it that I gave it to her early.
  • The dogs gave me a tin of peppermint bark for Christmas. Danny got me: a new robe, pajamas, a sweater, 3 pairs of undies, some bath products, and an iSight camera for the kitchen. My aunt send me a dvd of home movies from the 4o's and 50's from my mom's side of the family. Very neat.
  • The dogs got Danny: a new dog calendar for his office, dog pajama pants, and a gun that shoots marshmallows (they had great fun when he tested this out). I got Danny: a Gap button-down shirt, cool black pinstripe pants, See's lollipops, and a candle that glows multi-colors with an led light inside. He wanted a grill, but I didn't know what kind, so I just let him get that himself.


  • We took it easy on Christmas - slept in and relaxed.
  • We ate our annual Christmas dinner at the local diner I had breakfast food.

Day After Christmas:

  • We went to my hometown of Columbia, Maryland to visit my family.
  • We had Chinese takeout at my brother's house (second year in a row - a new tradition, perhaps?).
  • I played with my niece, Cassie, and slide down her new slide. She tried to steal my shoes.

New Year's Eve:

  • I can't remember what we did during the day. Hm.
  • I worked on my MySpace profile after dinner. I still haven't written any text about myself, but I am almost done customizing it. I haven't had a lot of free time lately. I'm not sure who of you out there is on MySpace, but send me a note or a friend request if you'd like.
  • Around 10 pm I went over to our neighbor's house for a party. Danny had gone over earlier. I get really weird and anxious at parties, so I wanted to wait till it was closer to midnight.
  • At the party, they convinced me to play Guestures. My heart nearly exploded every time it was my turn to pantomime my words, but I did well. My party anxiety is so bizarre since I am absolutely not embarrassed at parties, and I have no problems at all having conversations with strangers/customers at work (in fact, I thrive on it). But, something happens when I arrive at a party and my ability to talk and be social just disappears. Despite it all, I had a great time. Thanks, Andrew & Tamara!

New Year's Day:

  • We finally went grocery shopping! We were so out of food. Our friend, Ivan, met us there and he and Danny bought meat for their dinner.
  • I got the Christmas tree put away (with only a few minor injuries from when it tried to attack me). No more pretty lights. *sniff* I miss the mini tree on my desk. I think I need a new lava lamp (or something similar) to go where it was.
  • After dinner, we went with Ivan to a late movie - The Ringer.
  • A lot of people on LiveJournal have been talking about a new community that encourages you to start a paper journal for the new year and make an entry per day - whether it is just a couple sentences, a photo, or a full diary entry. I felt no need to join the community, but I did start a journal. I'll have to take a picture of it later.

Random Stuff:

  • I took Monday off to rest, run errands, and do freelance work.
  • Some of you will get your holiday cards late - a few came back and my slackass finally put them in new envelopes and put them in the outgoing mail today.
  • We got very little sleep last night. It was a combination of normal insomnia, New Year's Eve throwing off our sleep schedules, and a thunderstorm scaring India onto our bed
  • How are you?

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