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stephanie is: groggy groggy...
Oof, tired.

Today I will be at the World of Pets Expo, representing the doggy daycare I work for. I like going to expos, but the 1-day-weekend is a not so fun side effect.

I keep getting bloody noses in the morning for the dry winter air. I really need to clean out the humidifier and put the new filters in it. I keep forgetting until bed time and then not wanting to do it right before going to sleep.

Today was the date given to me by the Baltimore Sun writer who interviewed me for an article. I am going to try to find a paper on my way to meet my coworkers this morning. Laura, if you get one, I might have to steal it from you - I will be carpooling with people to the expo so I won't be able to stop when we get to MD. I'm not sure if they will have a MD paper in a VA convenience store. The large bookstores don't open until 9 am.

Edit - Here is the article. I am printing it out to read today. I still want to get a real copy though.

I am so ready to go back to sleep... I had bad insomnia last night. You know you're tired when you start fantasizing about going to bed before you've even made it out of bed in the morning.

I am trying to get work done on my site this week. I'm trying to update all the outdated content, change all my side navigation graphics to css, and get all my new galleries up. Time is hard to find.

Time to start packing up for my day in Maryland.

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