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valentine, schmalentine.

stephanie is: ehn ehn...
Happy Valentine's Day! It is just another day for me, with the exception of making little Valentine treat bags and putting them in the cubbies of my favorite dogs here at work. And, I gave Danny a gift bag with Starbucks goodies yesterday after work. Beyond that, it is business as usual.

Life is still super busy. You can just assume that it is indefinitely, until I tell you otherwise. Won't be anytime soon.

We finally started painting our master bathroom. We've been planning to paint it gray for over a year. Last night we did the primer. Hopefully, we'll only need one coat of paint, but I'm not holding my breath. Right now our bathroom is torn apart - toilet disassembled so we can paint behind it, mirror off the wall, light fixture down (and the giant holes we found behind it are now patched) so we can paint the wall then put up a new one, and everything covered in plastic sheeting. When the walls are done being painted, I will start working on my asian mural above the bath tub. it will be done in a darker gray. Eventually we will replace all the faucets in there to match the new light fixture. The ones that came with the house are awful gold/silver things I would never, ever pick. But faucets cost a lot of money, so no rush.

My tummy hurts, so painting will be interesting tonight...

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