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Is it time for vacation?

Remy is the king!
Doggy Daycare
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Wow. Life just keeps getting busier and busier!

As I mentioned, the doggy daycare and spa I work for is opening a new location in Maryland near White Flint mall. Our grand opening carnival is this Saturday.

We've all (the franchising and management staff) been working hard this week to get ready to run the new daycare. Today I did a lot of printing to prepare the paperwork we will need there. Tomorrow I will be seeing the new location for the first time since construction as we work on getting the rooms set up.

We don't have much staff for the the new daycare yet. There are about 5 people currently training at our Tyson's location that will move up to MD after next week. One experienced staff member and one who is just out of training will be starting there opening day on Monday.

The first week will mostly be evaluation new dogs and giving tours - things you need training and experience in. I have experience in all aspects of the daycare from working there before I took over graphic design (and from the filling-in I still do). So I will be commuting to Maryland to work there for at least the first week. (Dad - want to come for a tour?)

I agreed to the afternoon shift (because I was not about to get up at 4:30 am to get there at 6 am), and on the tentative schedule, it looks like I will be there 1 to 8 pm, Monday through Thursday. Friday I had requested a day off a while ago in order to do a photoshoot with Kollin Bliss that had been scheduled for this Saturday until the grand opening was set up. So I have that day off and Saturday. Sunday the 30th I work again from 10 am to 3 pm.

That throws a wrench in things... I have a photoshoot scheduled with Michael Woodward on the 30th. Lame. I haven't found out if this is the final schedule, but it looks like I will have to reschedule the shoot. I'm sorry, Michael - this stinks.

I am not sure if I'll still be going up to MD after next week. The amount of money I'll have to spend on gas just for the one week will be plenty!

Originally uploaded by punquin.
On Friday the 5th, we leave for our vacation (finally! finally! finally!) Finally (finally! finally! finally!) Ajkdfjksdfhgf@#!!! Vacation!!!


I need to somehow get the remaining 85 braids redone before then. I think I will need to get up early next week and braid before going to work, since I won't get home till 8:30 pm or later. I have gone a long, long time without redoing my braids do to being so busy. In some places, the braids are 4 months old! That means there is a lot of old hair to come out when I unbraid them. Fun times! I am getting all those older, hard-to-comb-out braids done first, so hopefully I can cruise through the rest of them.

Must go braid...


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Apr. 21st, 2006 03:54 am (UTC)
Woo Vacation!

I wish I could come see the new place!
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