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Show time!

The other night I did a cam show... finally! I've missed them. There is something unique about doing them that I really enjoy. I think it is partly the fact that I have 20 seconds to compose each photo, and once it is taken, it can't be changed or retouched. I like the challenge. Plus, since it is low res, the lighting doesn't have to be amazing and I don't have to pile on makeup to look pretty (ah, yes! the magic of webcams!)

Anyway. I did the show in front of my bamboo mural. I still need to do some digital pics there, but both of my tripods are currently in use around the house. The show was a little brief - no one was watching because it was unannounced and on a Saturday night. But, I liked how some of the pictures came out. Members can view them in the "captures" gallery, and I will also add them to the "webcamsets" gallery.

I want to do another show soon, but it is much easier for me when I don't have to capture the pictures myself (I've yet to figure out a way to have ChillCam archive the pictures, an that is the software I am stuck with on the upstairs laptop). So, when would you guys want a show? Dates/times?

Yesterday evening, I finally got to try out the wifi feature in Animal Crossing! Violet and I briefly visited each others' towns before I had to head out to dinner. We are going to try to connect again after I get home from work today - I didn't get a chance to visit any of her neighbors or look in her museum. I'll try to have my camera near by so I can get a picture of us together. It is really cute... You get to chat together.

Because we shopped in each others' stores, they are closed today while they finally upgrade to the nicest shop (with a hair salon). I can't wait to change my hair tomorrow! It is annoying that the shop is closed, though, because I can't earn any money towards my new mortgage with no one to sell things to.

So, yeah. If you have a preference on the cam shows, let me know. Otherwise I'll just do them whenever inspiration strikes...


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Aug. 16th, 2006 12:23 am (UTC)
Hi Stephanie...
Wow!...I haven't watched you in a camshow in "FOREVER"! Whatever you want is ok with me...I just want advance warning so that I can tune in!
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