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Anyone? Beuller?

Carrot Top, originally uploaded by punquin.

Local friend-type people: Would anyone be available to stop by our house once or twice while we are gone to check on my bunny and bring in the mail? I'd need to get you the keys and show you her set up either tonight or tomorrow (I have off tomorrow for trip preparations). Let me know! We're good now, I believe.

I am very excited that one of our friends, Laura, will be able to come down for a few days at the beach with us. The house sleeps 18... we will be rattling around!

I am trying to figure out how we are going to pack the car. i took the boxes our dog crates came in (since they are the same size as the collapsed crates) and tried putting them in my car. They seem to fit on edge behind the front seats (where backseat passenger foot space is), but I think the bigger one will come up past our shoulders, making it hard to see the dogs during the ride. But that is the only place the big one can go. It is too big for the wagon back, and I have a bike rack installed on my roof. Hrm. I'm pretty sure I want to put China in the back-back and Benny in the back seat so China doesn't get annoyed with him. He can climb over to get back to her, but they'd both have their own space. That would involve having bags both on once side of the back seat with Benny and in the back with China. I need a bigger car!


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May. 4th, 2007 01:56 am (UTC)
What a cute bunny! How long have you had her?
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