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Daily Mini Blogs

A glance at my day:

00:13 I love how I'm a size 0 in ready-to-wear (store clothes) but an 8 in sewing patterns (size 8: 31.5-24-33.5). Store clothes are growing! #

00:18 my tummy won't stop churning and the dogs are panting and pacing cause danny is downstairs. #

06:17 ow ow. i hurt. china goes in for her dental cleaning and extractions today. poor danny was at work late and then called by work super early, #

11:29 benny is really sad that china isn't here. he is upstairs sulking by the door instead of spending time down here with me. #

14:52 still no word from the vet... #

15:17 brr. wet and rainy outside. #

15:18 bought a dress/jacket pattern last night and started the bodice. not sure it will be wearable, but i'm sure learning a lot about sewing! #

15:58 china is in recovery at the vet. only 1 tooth out. she'll have an E-collar for 2 weeks, meds, and food that could make benny really sick. #

18:08 playing rock band by myself to pass the time till we can get beanie from the vet. #

18:29 danny went to get his beanie girl from the vet. #

21:06 poor bean dog does not feel good. she I'd having trouble walking. #

23:14 china has regained the ability to walk, though she is still exhausted. I gave her pain meds and a little wet food. thx for the well wishes. #

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Mar. 8th, 2008 09:47 am (UTC)
I hate how clothes keep getting bigger, but the sizes stay the same! I tried on this great pair of jeans at Target, and the smallest size was a 2, and they were too big on me. I wear a size 6 if stuff is sized right. I would probably be a 12 according to your sewing patterns.
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