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Daily Mini Blogs

A glance at my day:

00:21 tired! got home from work after 8 then worked on my mp3 collection way too long. I get OCD over the tags and artwork. #

16:41 my eyes are really tired and a visial migraine is starting. trying to avoid it, but i have to look at my screen to work. :( #

16:43 yeah, too late. it is starting. graphic design work will be interesting. #

16:51 close to what i see, except my vision gets blurry before it starts, and mine grows in size till beyond my view. tinyurl.com/47k5ys #

18:47 feeling better... only a mild headache. but, I'm hungry and ansty. #

19:02 watching news about ike. wow. stay safe, Texas. #

20:47 only of I own is a laptop in the bedroom and it's internet connection has been dropping every few minutes while my iPod is fine. meh. #

22:28 ouch. i notice the headache more when i'm not distracted by the tv anymore. ate tons of pasta but i'm still hungry. night night world. #

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Sep. 12th, 2008 02:05 pm (UTC)
Scintallating scotomas
Scintallating scotomas suck. I thought I was about to die when I started getting them at 13. Now days I just pretend to read while while waiting for it to go away, or at least out of my field of vision. It can be very hard if I get them in a meeting though! I'd never even try describing what's happening to people.
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