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Daily Mini Blogs

A glance at my day:

07:20 i'd been so good at avoiding germs, but i'm no match for a house full of kids. funny thing is before we went i worried i'd catch something. #

10:56 Stopped at the drug store for: xicam, nyquil, tissues w/ vicks, throat drops and 2 juices for work. Sense a theme? #

12:03 wishing i had soup for lunch... #

13:52 i'm hungry, but afraid to eat because i have such a bad sore throat. :/ #

14:35 oh, wow. feel like i was just hit by a truck. trying to wade through my work so i can go hide under covers with nyquil. #

15:50 can't wait to get home and have soup. my throat really couldn't feel worse. #

16:12 okay. gonna brave rush hour on rt 7 to come home early. want the red lentil soup from wegmans, but not gonna go on an adventure feeling bad. #

16:17 benny's santa pic from gooddogz.org - the look in his eyes says it all! www.flickr.com/photos/punquin/3108249323/ #

16:50 Heard on xm HairNation: dr. love by kiss followed by dr. feelgood by motley crue. #

18:54 Wrapped up tightly in a blanket in front of the news with dan, ivan and benny. The boys have all fallen asleep. #

19:54 Have a fever of 100. Need to make soup, but it feels like an impossible task. #

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