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Tech Suff & Photo Stuff

So, my internet problems are now solved! Danny was able to convert an unused phone jack into a network outlet and ran the cable through some ductwork to be plugged straight into the router. So far, Xbox Live has been great. I haven’t had time to sit down to watch tv and test the OnDemand movie downloads or our Net Flix.

I appreciate all the suggestions. He did end up using a wire snake, making the process relatively painless. To everyone who suggested improvements to our wireless network. Believe me - we’ve tried it ALL. The only thing left to try is setting up something hooked off of the new line Dan just ran. We already have some sort of antennae thinger up (beats me what it is called). There really seems to be something interfering with the signal, because it will be very strong but drop completely every minute or two.

My other tech thing is that Danny moved my webserver. The process was painless and there was only one hiccup when a site member renewed in the middle of it all.

I am glad that the weekend is here - I need the break! I got all my work done from home today, then did some chores. I vacuumed the bedroom, which was knee-deep in dog fur. Yuck! I’ve also been plowing through all the laundry. Over the weekend, I’ll need to vacuum and sweep the rest of the house. Oh, and I finally took down the holiday lights outside because it got up to 50°! They’ve been off since the beginning of the month, but it’s been too cold to be out there for long.

Here’s a fun thing: I’ll take a picture of whatever the first 10 people request. Over the next few days, I’ll take them and then post them all here. What kind of things could you request? Anything that I have access to! (no nudity or anything offensive. you know what I mean…) You can request something mundane from my life or force me to get creative.

Please note that this journal is first written on my website then copied to LiveJournal. I will be looking at the comments in both places and taking the first 10 requests combined from both based on time posted.

Originally published in my journal, Stephanie's Thoughts. Leave me a comment!

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