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Mayham \m/

Mayham, originally uploaded by punquin.

Yesterday we slept in (~10:30 am) before getting up and dressed to head out to Nissan Pavillion for the Mayham Music Festival. Normally I’m to one to say yes to all-day festivals. Danny gets tickets all year for shows, and I always have first dibs on one. I skip the festivals because it is just too drawn out for me. But, this time I *had* to go… Disturbed was one of the headliners!

We headed out at around 12:30 pm once Ivan got to our house. We met Tony in the parking lot and pretended like we weren’t tail-gating for an hour or two (you aren’t supposed to, but everyone does anyway.) There was a crazy long line to get in! Lots of Hot Topic kiddies (Hot Topic was one of the main sponsors, so I guess they were in the right place!)

We had been hoping to see Black Tide - one of the first bands to go on, but it seemed like they skipped them. All of the band afterwards were slightly early as a result. Hmm. There wasn’t anyone else we were interested in on the side stages, so we got a spot of the lawn of the main stage as soon as it was opened.

The first band on the main stage was Mastadon. Their drums are riffs are pretty sick. I had been looking forward to hearing them just to be impressed. Dragonforce was after them. They played well - fast - but, their songs went on forever and weren’t my taste.

I think this concert/festival takes the record for the most people to come up and ask me about my hair. Seriously. Anyway, at around 8:30 pm the Disturbed set started. It was so kick ass! They sounded great and played a good mix of older songs and stuff off their newest album. At one point, David Draiman (the lead singer) stopped the show to announce that a little 9-year-old girl in the pit was the cutest thing he’d ever seen. He had her brought up on stage and told everyone she had been singing a long to every song. He was super sweet to her and told her to cover her ears when he said “the bad words”. He let her watch the rest of the show from the side stage. The whole set was great and I was rocking out the whole time. Many devil horns were thrown and many fists were in the air. He had thousands of people yelling “Fuck!” in unison (cover your ears, little girl! yes, i like angry music.)

The final band was Slip Knot, who I don’t care about. We happily left early to avoid the traffic.


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