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Expo Dog

Expo Dog, originally uploaded by punquin.

A quick Rock Band note… I have a blog for that over on rockband.com so I’m not filling my journal up talking about it. Check it out here. If you have an account, send me a friend request! I’m still really enjoying singing and feel so much less stressed and sick now that I’ve been spending time with it. Now, if I could just figure out a way to keep my allergies from interfering with my singing abilities, it would be great.

Yesterday, Benny and I worked at the Super Pet Expo for our company’s booth. Benny was so, so good. He was stressed when we arrived - I’d never seen it so busy. Even *I* was stressed! But, once we settled into our booth, we were both fine. I wore my Stunt Puppy convertible leash around my waist the whole time. Benny sat or laid beside me, greeted dogs, and let all sorts of children and adults give him hugs and love. Not once did he ever jump. He even did great when a man in a wheelchair wanted to love on him.

A half hour before the show closed, Benny and I got the opportunity to do a quick run of all the aisles (we had originally hoped to do that with Laura and her boyfriend when we first arrived, but circling the parking lot took up all my spare time.) Benny and I made a stop at three different bakeries for treats. Everyone was great about pointing out which treats would work with his poultry allergy. We ended up with: peanut butter bones, apple snaps, beef patties, cheesy sesame twists, peanut butter canoli and a lamb and rice bone. And, being that it was the final hour of the final day, We got a lot of leftover/broken cookies as a bonus. The only other place we spent money wasthe golden retriever rescue, where we made a donation and got a cute bone key chain.

At break-down time, Benny did great once again, calmly following at my side as we torn down the booth and packed up. He is such a good little man.

For those curious, Benny wears an Easy Walk harness. The feeling of resistance that his collar was making was causing him to pull even harder. With the front-attached harness, he walks calmly, and if he pulls (which is rare), he is turned to face me by the leash.

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