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Last week, when I went with Danny for his eye-dilation, I brought my glasses prescription along so I could order new glasses. In order to use our vision insurance, I had to get them through an eye doctor. It was definitely a different experience than going to Lens Crafters!


There was a glasses technician who had me sit down at a table with a mirror and she started bringing me pair after pair while we discussed what I wanted. That was hard for me to explain to her… I wanted something more sophisticated that could be dressed up more, but at the same time I wanted it to be a little funky. I tried on dozens of pairs! I loved this one black plastic pair with orange on the inside. It has silver flame-like designs on the arms. Badass! But, not what I was looking for. I chose one of the more simple pairs, butof course it was the most expensive of my top 5! Because I liked the black pair so much, she talked to her manager and got approval for 50% off a second pair if I purchased it then. We quickly decided it would be money better spent if I chose sunglasses. I tried a bunch on, but only one pair had a shape that was made for my face. It is burgundy with pink on the inside (and Coach logos. Whatever… I could give a shit about brand names.) The most exciting thing is that she put me down for anti-reflective coating! No more squinting! Not more glowing blue glasses on camera!

Today I went to a local coffee shop for lunch and to work on my laptop. I got a call from the eye doctor (conveniently down the street) that my glasses were in. Unfortunately, my sunglasses are still being made. The wait time (and the inflated price of the frames) is the down side to getting glasses through a doctor. I stopped and got them on my way home from lunch.

The glasses tech was busy with a sales rep when I was there, so another lady brought my glasses out and adjusted the bridge to my nose. I felt super disoriented at first, but I think it is because these glasses are much wider that I’m used to so now my peripheral vision is corrected too. The other factors could be the anti-glare and the semi-rimless lenses. I’m already getting used to it.

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